What Questions To Ask Someone You're Building A Website For

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What Questions To Ask Someone You're Building A Website For

Creativity is an essential part of a web designer's process, but it can be dangerous if you don't understand your client and their business. The scope, budget, goals, target audience, competitors, and strategy are all essential aspects one should know when building a website for someone else.

Questions To Ask Before Building A Website

What Is The Scope?

To finalize the cost and time frame of your website project, having a clear scope is necessary. The scope is an essential component as it defines the purpose of the website and what the audience should expect from you. To draft a scope, break it into two parts: functionality and content. Functionality is the features of the website you’re making for your client, whereas content includes the general stuff such as images and text on the website.

What Is Your Budget?

Before deciding how much money to spend, think about where it will come from and what kind of ROI your client expects. If there’s a set budget for the project as a whole, try breaking down each component that goes into creating an online presence (like web design or hosting) and adjust with the client from there. 

What Are The Goals For The Project?

Whenever you’re building a website, you need to be sure of what the goal is. Ask questions such as, "Do you primarily need more people visiting this site for educational purposes or for sales?" You'll be able to build an excellent website and help fulfill those objectives when you have very targeted information. 

Do You Know Your Audience?

The next question should be about who your client’s target audience is. You need to understand who they are, their age group, and what they like and dislike to make sure you provide them exactly what they need. This is because they are most likely the ones to be interested in your clients’ products, services, or content on the website. Lastly, you need to ask this question because it will help you determine what methods or strategies to use to avoid bounce rates.

Are You Aware Of Your Competitors?

Once you've discovered your client’s main competitors, gather unique information that will guide the audience more about your client’s business. Look at what works well on competitor’s sites and see if there are things falling flat that you can do better on your site.

How Will You Stand Out?

To stand out in a sea of 1.88 billion websites, you must ensure that the client can provide unique sources of information and tell an exciting story to make the website special. 

Now that you’ve had all of your questions answered, let’s move on to the next stage of development. Check out Page Kits' guide to learn the steps to building a website.

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