When To Use A Non Disclosure Agreement For Building A Website

December 20, 2023  /  
When To Use A Non Disclosure Agreement For Building A Website

In the business world, particularly in web development, one thing that you’ll commonly see is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An NDA is a document that ensures the proprietary information you’ll be exposed to while creating the website will be kept confidential.

In this article, you’ll know whether having an NDA is mandatory when you hire experts to work on providing you excellent website design.

When Is A Non-Disclosure Agreement Essential?

Though NDAs may sound intimidating, it’s actually quite simple. Having this document helps the company and the web developer be clear about the expectations on both sides, particularly in handling confidential information required to make the project a success.

For website building activities, NDAs are essential for two main reasons:

  1. First, everything inside a website is considered a business idea. In its way, a website offers something new that’s important to the brand. Additionally, many companies offer a unique web-based service that’s essential to their business.
  1. Second, though there is no new technology involved, a web developer is still exposed to many confidential aspects of the business. They need to learn about the brand in a deeper sense to produce the best website for the company.

For instance, the developer might access trade secrets, proprietary product details, and other business processes to learn more about the company.

Are NDAs Necessary?

As a business owner, don’t start a contract with a web designer and developer without signing an NDA. It is an extra layer of security on your end—it doesn’t even have to be complicated. It can be a few paragraphs that explain how you expect your design contractor to treat your business with confidentiality.

Even though you don’t have super-secret technology or secrets you want on your site, remember that they’ll still have access to private information like server credentials and passwords—which are all essential for cybersecurity.

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