What Is A Good SEMrush Rank

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What Is A Good SEMrush Rank

Born in 2008, SEMrush came a decade after Google was created and is now one of the most trustworthy and popular SEO tools in the digital market. It allows businesses to gain actionable insights regarding keywords to improve their search engine rankings and discover new link-building opportunities. 

One of the main metrics of SEMrush is SEMrush Rank where it appoints a score to domains with the most organic traffic visibility. The ranking is pulled from the SEMrush database which dates back to January 2012 and can be viewed in a month-by-month manner. In this regard, domains with the lowest rankings have the largest online presence and get the most traffic. 

How Is The Rank Calculated?

Based on search results for a domain in the SEMrush database, these rankings are calculated by estimating traffic going to the domain. It’s critical to note that SEMrush stores all domain rankings that appear on Google’s first ten pages. 

SE Keywords - demonstrates the number of keywords the website has ranked for within Google’s first ten results pages. 

SE Traffic -  the assessment of the amount of traffic gained from the SE keywords. This is calculated by multiplying the average click-through rate for each domain's positions and the monthly search volume for each keyword. The result is an estimate of the monthly organic search traffic.

Costs - represent the amount a domain would have to pay for Google Ads ads to obtain that level of organic search traffic. It is not a number that the domain spends but rather an estimate of how valuable it is to have organic traffic based on the keyword prices.

Paid keywords - the number of keywords SEMrush has identified as keywords that a domain has purchased to run a PPC ad in Google Ads.

Paid traffic - an estimate of the traffic the domain brings in on a monthly basis by advertising from the paid keywords identified by SEMrush.

What Are The Best Ways To Use It?

Competitive Analysis Reference

Whether you’re an established business or just a startup, knowing your competition gives you an idea of areas you lack and can improve on. This is where the SEMrush rank report can provide valuable insights into your competitor’s web presence compared to yours. The domain closest to 1 rating has a higher online presence. 

Generating Leads & Prospecting

As the report can be exported as CSV or Excel file, it’s easier for business owners and marketers to sort and filter data according to their domain requirements. Those working in advertising can filter this report to identify leads with a designated spending budget for PPC advertisements. 

If you wish to learn more about SEMrush and its features, check out other informative articles about SEMrush and SEO tools in our blog section.

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