What Happens When You Transfer a Domain?

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What Happens When You Transfer a Domain

Issuing a domain transfer indicates that you want the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to recognize a different registrar for your website. Transfers typically only take seven business days. However, the process might take longer if your registrar cannot verify the identity of the current admin on your website.

Reasons to Transfer Your Domain Name

Some of the most common reasons why website administrators switch registrars include:

  • Changing Ownership: You have to transfer domain name ownership if a new admin takes over your current domain. This process does not require you to switch registrars as well.
  • Updating Admin Details: Did you use a personal email when you first made your website? Even if you plan to retain ownership of the domain, you will still need to transfer your domain name to update the admin details.
  • Switching Registrars: Different registrars offer varying features. If your current registrar no longer meets your website administration needs, consider switching registrars.

Carefully peruse the ICANN’s guidelines before pushing through with a domain transfer. Note that registrars lose profits when a client leaves. As such, expect them to make the process a bit more tedious than necessary to discourage you from switching registrars.

Also, keep track of the charges. Do not agree to pay cancellation or contract termination fees unless these were explicitly stated in your prior contracts. If you encounter any issues, contact ICANN.

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