What Does InMotion Charge On Domain Renewal?

November 19, 2021  /  
What Does InMotion Charge On Domain Renewal?

InMotion Hosting is one of the most reliable domain hosting platforms available on the market. With 24/7/365 customer service and great technical support, renewing your domain with this provider is a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that at InMotion Hosting, domain renewal usually costs $17.99 per year but can still go higher. Review why domain prices can vary based on your name and extension. 

InMotion Hosting Domain Prices

Like most hosting services, InMotion Hosting offers free domain registration for the first year, but succeeding years will require renewal at a cost. Generally, domain renewal costs $17.99 at InMotion, but this can change based on your chosen domain name.

InMotion Hosting can host any domain on any account as long as you pick the extensions — .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, and .info. Aside from this, you can also enable privacy protection on any type of domain, which comes with an added payment of $12.99 per year.

InMotion Hosting Renewal Setup

At InMotion Hosting, renewals are set automatically. This policy helps your site retain your domain from expiring and being snatched up by another individual or business.

Take note that if you plan to use a new domain, you can cancel domain renewal by deleting the item in your account. However, make sure that you no longer wish to use the domain as it will expire on its current renewal date. Also, ensure that you’ve picked up a new domain for your website.

Final Thoughts

InMotion Hosting offers domain registration and renewal services, but it charges a higher rate than other hosting services with better plans. If you want to learn more about domains, check out this list of the best domain registrars so you can pick the best one.

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