What Determines The Cost Of Domain Renewal?

November 15, 2021  /  
What Determines The Cost Of Domain Renewal

For your business website, you must choose the proper domain name. The domain name directly reflects your brand, and choosing the right one can drive people to your website and help it get higher ranks in the search engines.

If you’ve chosen one, you were probably able to get a good deal for the first year. However, when it’s time for domain renewal, how much do you have to prepare? 

Here are the factors that determine the cost of domain renewal:

  1. SEO Viability
  2. Web Extension
  3. Renewal Pricing
  4. Privacy

1. SEO Viability

The cost of a domain is dictated by how SEO-friendly it is. For instance, if there is a popular keyword in the URL, the price will likely be high. 

2. Web Extension

Another factor that can influence the price is the extension type used. For instance, a website that ends in .org, .net, or .edu would probably be cheaper than one that has a .com extension. 

3. Renewal Pricing

For most domain providers, you can get a special rate for the first year as a sign-up incentive. However, domain registrations are renewed every year, and usually, they increase after the initial year.
On average, a domain renewal can cost between $8 to $30 per year. If you want to score a reasonable price, you can opt to pay for multiple years at last. Some domains offer pre-payment of up to 10 years.

4. Privacy

Having your domain listed publicly in the WhoIs directory opens you up to potential opportunities and partnerships. However, you may also open the doors for some unwanted emails and spam. You can get the option to add on a privacy feature, and for some providers, that can mean an additional cost.

Domain renewal is an essential part of website maintenance as that can lead to a negative experience towards your site. Missing it can mean losing your domain and confusing your customers. 

Make sure you are on track by checking out this in-depth guide for domain renewal today.

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