How To Transfer A Domain From GoDaddy To A Squarespace Website

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How to Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Squarespace

Most marketers choose Squarespace as their website builder and host because it provides simple and intuitive tools to create a beautiful and professional website. If you bought a domain from GoDaddy, you could connect it to Squarespace by pointing to its name records. Most website owners do this at first, especially if they’ve had the domain with GoDaddy for quite a long time. 

Transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Squarespace is not mandatory; you can connect it instead. However, some website owners find it easier to transfer the domain entirely. It helps them manage everything in one space, thus saving time and energy. 

Things To Know Before Getting Started

  • You can only manage a transferred domain in Squarespace. You can’t manage it from GoDaddy anymore
  • The domain must be at least 60 days old before the transfer
  • The domain name must not have “Squarespace” or “SQSP” anywhere in it 
  • A one-year renewal fee will be charged, which is a transfer fee but extends your domain expiry by one year
  • Squarespace must support the TLD. Check this for supported TLDs
  • Most transfer/renewal fees start at $20
  • You can’t transfer subdomains, only Top Level Domains (TLDs) can be transferred

Steps For Transferring Domain From GoDaddy To Squarespace

Before you begin the transfer, prepare your accounts with GoDaddy and Squarespace. Login to both, and you can start the transfer when they're ready. 

Step 1: Verify Details

Check that the information in your domain is correct. 

  • Go to GoDaddy > My Products > Manage
  • Verify that all contact details (Name, Email Address, etc.) are correct. If you find any outdated or incorrect information, change it first 
    • Note: If you’re making changes, only change the Administrative Contact Information. Don’t change the registrant information because this can lock the domain, which will delay the transfer. 
  • Disable the privacy protection by choosing your domain and scrolling towards the bottom. Turn off the privacy option once you see it 

Step 2: Unlock The GoDaddy Domain

Domains are locked for security purposes. If you want to transfer it, you need to unlock it first. 

  • Option 1: Go to your domain and scroll down. Look for “Domain Lock is ON” somewhere at the bottom and turn it “OFF.” Then, change the status to “Unlock”
  • Option 2: Go to the GoDaddy Domain Control Panel and look for Additional Settings. Look for “Domain Lock ON” and click edit to change the status

Step 3: Get The GoDaddy Authorization Code

The authorization code is a unique code needed for the transfer. 

  • On the domain page, scroll down and look for “Transfer domain away from GoDaddy” 
  • Click on “Continue with Transfer”
  • Copy the authorization code and keep it safe
  • The authorization code will appear on the domain and be emailed to you 

Step 4: Start The Squarespace Transfer

At this point, you’re done with the GoDaddy part and can move on to the Squarespace part. Open the tab with your Squarespace credentials. 

  • From the Home Page, go to Settings. Look for Domain > Use a Domain I Own 
  • Enter the name of the domain you want to transfer. Click Verify
  • Click “Transfer to Squarespace”
  • Provide the authorization code 

Step 5: Change The DNS Settings

Verify the DNS records and make sure they’re “ON.”

  1. Point to Squarespace: This should be ON. If not yet there, change the CNAME and A record to point to Squarespace
  2. Keep other DNS records: Other records are for transferring emails. You can remove those records and point them to the new nameservers 
  3. Move Nameservers to Squarespace: Move the NS to Squarespace and change the MX records

Go back to GoDaddy DNS Settings and edit the CNAME records. Get the Host value from the “Squarespace DNS Manager” and use it for the first CNAME. 

Step 6: Review And Payment

Check the details, and if everything is correct, proceed with the payment. You need to pay a one-year renewal as a transfer fee. 

Step 7: Confirm The Transfer

Go back to your GoDaddy domain to confirm the transfer. You can also check your email and confirm it from there. GoDaddy wants to ensure that you are the one making the transfer. 

Take note that the transfer takes a couple of hours but can last for days. 

Once everything is complete, you will get an email confirmation. 

Start Managing Your Domain At Squarespace

Following the steps above, your domain will appear in Squarespace, and you can start building a Squarespace website. Transferring domains from GoDaddy to Squarespace is hassle-free and straightforward. Don’t be intimidated by the jargon. Just follow each step, and you’d be good to go.

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