How To Create A Local Copy Of A Live WordPress Site

November 23, 2021  /  
How To Create A Local Copy Of A Live WordPress Site

Do you want to try out new designs and customizations on your WordPress website, but you don’t want to mess up with what’s live? You should create a local installation on your PC so you can keep on tweaking as you go.

Here are the simple steps to follow to create a local copy of your WordPress website:

  1. Start With The Backup
  2. Copy Files From WordPress Website
  3. Export Database Of Website
  4. Import Database To Local Server
  5. Set Up Database

Step 1: Start With The Backup

Before doing anything, make sure you create a backup, just in case something happens during migration. You can use WAMP for Windows, and you can use MAMP for Apple devices. Once that’s ready, use phpMyAdmin to build a new database.

Step 2: Copy Files From WordPress Website

Log into your cPanel dashboard and select phpMyAdmin to export your site’s data. Next, pick the database you want to export and then select “Export.” 

Step 3: Export Database Of Website

After this, download every file from your website using a compressed ZIP file. Just select all files and place them in one folder to make downloading more efficient.

Step 4: Import Database To Local Server

Build a folder on your localhost to quickly import data. Then, start the upload by copying and pasting the compressed file you downloaded. After that, you can decompress it so you can use the files.

Step 5: Set Up Database

Finally, ensure that the wp-config.php file is up to date by setting it up and changing the database’s username. That’s it — you can now access your website on a local server.

Creating a local copy of your live WordPress website is the best solution if you want to do some upgrades, modifications, and new features without disrupting what you currently have. Learn more about this by checking out this guide for offline website building by Page Kits.

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