How To Copy A WordPress Site From One Domain To Another

November 21, 2021  /  
How To Copy A WordPress Site From One Domain To Another

Are you planning to move your WordPress to a new domain? This move can be difficult if you are not careful, especially as it can significantly impact your SEO rank.

If you want to avoid problems during website migration, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Duplicate and backup your WordPress site
  2. Create a database for the new domain
  3. Unpack WordPress on your new domain
  4. Use permanent 301 redirects
  5. Inform Google about the change

Step 1: Duplicate And BackUp

First, create a full backup of your WordPress website. You can use plugins like Duplicator, a free backup and migration plugin. Once the migration process is finished, use the one-click download link.

Step 2: Create A Database

Next, create a new SQL database to unpack WordPress on your new domain name. To do this, open your cPanel dashboard, scroll down to databases and click on the MySQL Database icon. Then, create a new account by assigning a username and password.

Step 3: Unpack WordPress

Once you’re done creating a database, upload the new database to the new domain name. Next, connect your domain name using an FTP client while ensuring your site’s root directory is empty. When that’s finished uploading, unpack WordPress using this URL: “http://yournewdomain/installer.php” and wait for it to prompt the migration wizard. Finally, follow the prompts until the migration is complete.

Step 4: Use 301 Redirects

After that, point your old site visitors to your new domain through the use of 301 redirects. Through 301 redirects, old links of your website will be directed to your new domain instead of showing up as a 404 error page. 

Step 5: Inform Google

Finally, use Google Search Console to let the search engine know about your change of address. This allows Google to see your posts easily and show your pages in search engine results.

Transferring websites from one domain to another can be a necessary move towards growing your online presence. Learn more by reading this guide on the most important things to know about domain transfers.

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