How Much Does Each Page Cost When Building a Website?

May 22, 2024  /  
How Much Does Each Page Cost When Building a Website?

Business owners may find it daunting to acquire an accurate quote to have their website created. Only a few companies post their rates online and every web designer is different, offering exceptional services and results. Now, the thousand dollar question that several business owners ask is, “how much does each page cost when building a website?”

The average cost for each website page is over $100 on top of the inclusions of a standard website package. Other website designers may also charge $130 to $150 as a starting point, while the charge might start from $300 if built from scratch.

Such a rate could be too much for some, but it is essential to remember that web designers have their basis for this kind of pricing. In particular, below are the elements of website creation that you should consider to gauge the price of a website page:

  • Custom logo - A custom logo can kick up the credibility factor of your site, although it is not that necessary. 
  • Custom images and graphics - Having fancy photos and graphics can attract visitors, but it always comes at a price. 
  • Custom site layout - If you desire more customization and coding for your theme or template, the greater the cost.

While we only discussed the estimated cost for building each page on a website, the charges still boil down to how much work a designer has to do and several other factors, like the complexity and size of the website.

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