A Guide On How To Read SEMrush Reports

January 3, 2022  /  
A Guide On How To Read SEMrush Reports

While it is critical to provide high-quality content for your website in order to attract organic search traffic, it is also critical to closely evaluate the state of your website's traffic performance on various pages. As such, it's essential to conduct SEO reports regularly to determine where you can optimize your website and where you may be failing.

Reading SEMrush reports will uncover untapped keyword opportunities, website issues you didn't know you had, and ways to optimize your website's structure and content in order to improve your SERP ranking.

The following are some of the most popular reports that SEMrush users run to gain a better understanding of their SEO efforts and how their website compares to the competition.

Organic Search Report

You'll get the following information from SEMrush's organic search report:

  • The top organic search competitors of a website
  • Traffic-driving keywords
  • If they are ranked for SERP features
  • Domains' position changes can be observed

How To Use This Report

Recognizing what your competitors are doing successfully in terms of SEO and the options available to your website can provide you with a significant advantage when developing your content.

The organic search report can assist you in identifying critical data for competitive analysis and in planning your content and advertising.

Domain Analytics Report

The domain overview report is a data-rich metric summary of a domain's online visibility that provides a comprehensive view of your present web presence. You'll find some critical information below.

  • Paid and organic search traffic
  • Organic keyword distribution
  • Display advertising usage
  • Backlink profile
  • Changes in SERP positions 

How To Use This Report

The domain overview report can provide valuable information into both your own domain and that of your competitors. You can determine which kind of content performs best for your website and those of your competitors.

This can assist you in determining how to optimize your content in order to outrank and outperform your competitors, as well as the type of keywords to target in order to raise traffic to your website.

Backlink Analysis Report

The backlink analysis report enables you to compare your current backlink profile to that of your competitor and make logical comparisons across several domains.

You can see data such as:

  • Referring domains gained and lost
  • Backlinks gained and lost 
  • Domain referrals over time
  • The rise and fall of backlinks
  • Different types of referring domains
  • Referring domains by authority score
  • The best anchors for backlinks

How To Use This Report

Contrary to popular belief, backlinks continue to play a substantial role in organic search engine rankings. Link building and backlink management should be included in your SEO strategy to ensure that your website's page ranks as highly as possible.

Traffic Analysis Report

The traffic analysis report is a valuable resource and competitor analysis tool that provides estimates of a website's current mobile and desktop traffic. To clarify, these are estimates that can be improved once your Google Search Console is connected to SEMrush.

The tool will assist you in locating some of the following information:

  • Traffic estimates for any domain of your choice 
  • Visits, pages/visit, average site duration, unique visitors, bounce rates, etc
  • Sites of interest
  • Traffic sources

How To Use This Report

This analysis can assist you in determining which traffic strategies are effective for your website or one of your competitors. It's an excellent technique to determine the type of content you should be creating in order to increase traffic to your website.

Now that you know how to read SEMrush reports and how to use them to your advantage, check out the rest of Page Kits’ blog section for more information about how to build and maintain a website!

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