Why Is Building a New Website Better Than Optimizing a Current One?

March 13, 2024  /  
Why Is Building a New Website Better Than Optimizing a Current One

Building a new website is better than optimizing a current one, mostly because of the search engine optimization (SEO) involved. Aside from this, it’s also because you’ll get to revamp the appearance and ensure a responsive design for different devices.

Here are three reasons why building a new website is better than optimizing an existing one.

1. SEO Advantage

SEO can help increase your website’s Google rankings to boost your website traffic. When you build a new website, you can do things while coding that will surely help increase your Google ranking. These tiny actions will have a better bearing on your search engine ranking compared to your old website.

2. Appearance

The appearance of your website plays an essential role in how users view your product, service, or company as a whole. If you want the users to have an impression of your business as a provider of high-quality products or services, you need to exert some effort to have a high-quality website. 

The design style, methodology, and techniques change over time, so your best website years ago cannot meet the standards of the appearance of new websites nowadays. 

3. Introduction of New Devices

Since new devices are out in the market and most people use mobile phones, your website must accommodate all users of various devices. To do so is to have a website with a responsive design. Although it is also possible to redesign an old website to be responsive, rebuilding would not thoroughly work compared to building a new one.  

Final Thoughts

Optimizing and building a new website would mean having spending both money and effort, so creating a new one for more business opportunities could be a better choice. If you’re ready to start anew, check out this list of requirements you need to start building a new website.

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