What Is The Ten-Second Rule for Building a Website?

February 28, 2024  /  
What Is The Ten-Second Rule for Building a Website?

Ever clicked on a website trying to look for one simple thing — a phone number, email address, or a product name — yet you end up not finding it? Irritating, right? How long were you willing to spend before clicking out?

In building a website, think of this rule: You have ten seconds to make an impression on your website visitors.

According to numerous usability tests and web analytic reports, website owners need to provide no more than ten seconds to look for what they came for on your site. If they don’t find it, they click out, and worse, they might not come back again.

Following the ten-second rule, what must you think of when it comes to building your website?

1. Keep the information clear and concise.

When going through a website, the average person scans the content at 15 words per second — and there’s a high chance that they’ll click out anytime, especially if you fail to catch their attention.

When building your website copy, make sure to balance writing for your audience and for the web. Remove all unnecessary words and keep in mind the ten-second rule, especially when it comes to your landing pages.

2. Make the information easy to find.

In designing your web layout, put yourself in the shoes of someone in need of urgent information. Place the answers where they’re easily accessible and won’t lead them to click that X button instead.

3. Decide on a clear Call-to-Action.

Don’t forget to guide your site visitors to do what you want them to do. Whether it’s to subscribe, sign a petition, purchase, or book an appointment, make sure you make it clear and easily seen within that crucial ten seconds.

Now that you know you get ten seconds to capture and attract before a site visitor looks away, make sure you make the most of it with an optimized website. Read Page Kit’s guide and start working on your website and enjoy the important benefits of using good web design!

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