How To Start Building A Website With Elegant Themes

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How To Start Building A Website With Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a popular WordPress theme shop with great customer reviews from some of the biggest names in blogging. Divi and Extra are the only two premium WordPress themes offered by Elegant Themes, but both provide a wealth of customization features that can make your website stand out. 

Both Divi and Extra are downloadable files that you can upload to your WordPress after purchase. Once you have these themes installed into your WordPress account, you can start building a website that fits your needs and stays true to your branding.

Keep reading below to learn more about each of these themes. 

Working With Divi and Extra 

As stated in the beginning, you will need to purchase Divi and Extra from the Elegant Themes website: you can either pay $89 per year or a one-off lifetime payment for $249. 

Once you’re done with the download, the next step is activating the themes. After you log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate towards the “Appearance” tab, click on “Themes,” and then look for the button that says Add New. You should be taken to a screen with an “Upload Theme” button, which is what you need to click to install your new theme to your WordPress account.  


The Divi theme page builder is divided into three main organizational elements: sections, rows, and modules. The largest organizer within the Divi theme page builder is called "sections," which can contain multiple nested "rows." Within a section or row, you will have various types of modules such as images, text, and the like. 

Divi’s main selling point is its ability to be customized down to the most granular design level. This makes it especially great for businesses with numerous brands under their belt or for web designers who want to cater to a range of clients.


The Extra WordPress theme takes a unique approach to the Divi Builder with an all-new set of modules designed specifically for magazines and online publications.  Configuring your layout is simple and straightforward. Layout usage and extra settings options are in the left column, and you can use them to configure when your layout is used on a website, as well as control if and how the sidebar appears.

Extra's support for projects and products makes it ideal if you're looking to showcase your latest work as a designer or sell products with built-in WooCommerce integration.  You can also rate posts through a built-in rating feature.

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