How to Determine Categories While Building a Website

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How to Determine Categories While Building a Website

If you are building a  website, one of the first things you have to establish is a category page. Category pages work just like how it was in the days of catalogs. They help customers handle a wide list of products, so they can easily navigate towards what they need.

Through categories, you can help your customers reach the places they want to go in a quick way, so they won’t click out of your site. Here’s how you can design your website’s category pages.

1. Think About The Purpose Of Your Categories

Before anything else, determine the role a category would play on your website. For instance, it can help customers know about your business, see your locations, browse which products are available, navigate to each product page, or view the products they’ve added to their cart.

2. Think About Visitor Actions On Your Website

Aside from knowing what your site visitors would want, you should also think about what they would expect to find. Consider the information your users would deem important — anything that would call them to action or encourage them to explore more on your site.

3. Think About The Main Features That People Look For While Shopping On Your Site

If you have an eCommerce website, think about opportunities that will make shopping easier for your customers. For instance, if you sell books, consider having categories for genres, new releases, best sellers, or age groups to ease the navigation process on your site.

Categories can serve as filters that your site users can utilize to make them find the solutions they need from you much quicker. If you want to know more about customer experience in websites, check out Page Kit’s list of things retail companies have to prepare in website building.

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