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How Do You Integrate eCommerce Platforms Into a Website?

Gabriela Crothers  /  November 7, 2021  /  
How Do You Integrate eCommerce Platforms Into a Website?

As more people choose to obtain products and services online, more and more companies are also integrating eCommerce platforms to optimize their services. Though are numerous options available, here are four ways to add eCommerce to your business website to give you a headstart.

1. Use eCommerce plug-ins

If you developed your website using a Content Management System like WordPress, you can install a plug-in to configure your website and be able to sell. All you have to do is update your website software and install an eCommerce extension.

Some of the plug-ins you can install are Easy Digital Downloads, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, WP Easy Cart, and Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart.

2. Tag separate solutions for your business website

If your business website software does not offer users suitable extensions, you can develop an online shop with an authentic design for a seamless user experience. It will look similar to your website, as long as you ensure you follow through with the same design.

3. Add eCommerce features

You can also opt to enhance the eCommerce experience on your website by including payment gateway links like PayPal, Stripe, Square, Braintree, and Google Checkout. These simple solutions allow you to add on a simple way to select products and make purchases easily.

4. Use a Shopify Buy Now button

Shopify is the top eCommerce solution that is used by millions of people all over the world. If you want to use Shopify, you can easily embed this code on your WordPress, Tumblr, SquareSpace, or your self-hosted website.

A great thing about this button is that you can incorporate it into a product page and customize the button to match your website’s branding. With design enhancements, you can use this responsive button on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Integrating eCommerce platforms into your website helps you improve your site’s user experience and boost your sales. If you want to learn more about eCommerce, here is an in-depth eCommerce guide for beginners from Page Kits.

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