How Building a Website Can Bring Income: A Guide

April 17, 2024  /  
How Building a Website Can Bring Income: A Guide | Page Kits

If you are looking for online side hustles, building websites is one of the most doable options. Whether you are a professional developer or someone who has no advanced coding skills, you can create a website for your potential clients. You can leverage existing platforms and make a regular income.

On average, you can earn up to $1,500 to 3,000 per month in building websites. But that amount can go higher based on your skills, experience, and your work availability.

Here’s what you need to get started:


The best way to sell your services is to give them a sample of your work. This is how you prove that you are worthy of their trust and that your skills are enough to produce something professional.

Basic Understanding of HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are helpful when you want to customize the website. Though website applications come with functionalities and templates, having an understanding of HTML and CSS is still important for your work as a developer. They are powerful tools that can make your site look more professional.

Knowledge in Using Website Applications

Since you are leveraging these applications, you must know how to use them. You may select one platform at first. But to be able to learn more, you can explore the other existing platforms as well.

The process is straightforward when using the website builder applications. Having less technical knowledge will not be an issue. But for you to succeed, you have to invest a significant amount of time and effort.

Regardless if you are a professional developer or not, website building has a stream of opportunities waiting for you. If you want to further your skills, here are some web development courses you can take online

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