What Are The Best Web Development Courses To Take Online?

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Creating unique websites requires unique skill sets. The good news is; you can gain those skills through a host of excellent online courses available on multiple platforms. However, the numerous courses available online may seem overwhelming, and it gets hard to pick the right ones. 

The experts have stepped in to help with picking the best courses with this comprehensive list of the top online courses for web development.

Modern HTML + CSS for Beginners by Udemy

If you are a beginner, worry not. This course is designed to help beginners and pros to build responsive user interfaces and websites by applying the advanced HTML5 AND css3+ technologies such as CSS Grid and Flexbox. The first sections are strategically tailored for beginners, with simple lessons that will take through the basics. 

There are hours for both learning and studying, including real-life projects. Intermediate and experienced developers with basic HTML and CSS knowledge can skip the first two sections and start at sections 3 and 4. You’ll learn several topics, including:

  • HTML5 Semantic Layout and CSS Fundamentals
  • Transitions, Overlays, Dropdowns, Css Variable, and much more.
  • Custom build responsive websites and UI app projects
  • Websites Hosting and Development with FTP and Git.

Cs50’s: Introduction To Computer Science On Edx

Harvard University provides this course to introduce candidates to computer science and programming without any experience. It guides students to use algorithms to solve real-world problems in an optimum way. The course covers major topics and languages including, data structures, algorithms, web development, CSS, HTML, Python, SQL, JavaScript, C, and more. There is a guarantee certificate for any candidate with exemplary performance on assignments and final projects. Lessons to learn include:

  • Programming languages overview
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • The concept of resource management, abstraction, and encapsulation
  • Fundamentals of computer science programming.

 Harriet Chan, Co-Founder and Marketing Director at CocoFinder

Here is the list of online development courses which are free and paid both:


This platform boasts a good number of web development courses, but which one should you choose if you’re starting with no background in coding or you are a beginner in this field? This course also helps you to get a decent job in different industries. It can train you right up to the level of full-stack developer, in addition to teaching you all the latest technologies.


Coursera provides a pile of web development courses that can provide a solid base for both front and back-end web development skills.


You’ll begin coding immediately from lesson one with HTML, in addition to exploring HTTP in conjunction with requests like getting and POST. You’ll also learn databases, APIs, caching, Forms and Input.

W3 Schools

W3Schools is a great choice for busy people with work and life commitments as all their web developer certification courses are completed online and are entirely self-paced. You can also choose which web development course you want to study, with certificates available from HTML to SQL.

Daniela Sawyer, Founder and Business Development Strategist of FindPeopleFast.net

There are numerous top-notch web development courses on the internet. So, I have mentioned some to make it easier to find them;

Become A Web Developer 

In this course, Codecademy offers web development programming for beginners. It provides an in-browser development environment where you can learn the fundamental structures of front-end and back-end development.

Learn Web Development With Mozilla 

The team behind the Mozilla web browser has come forward to make an incredible resource for developers of all levels and expertise. The range of topics is vast, starting from front-end development to back-end development with common vocabulary languages and advanced optimization.

Web Fundamentals

This course is created by Google, providing a wide spectrum of items and tutorials based on a web development curriculum for audiences ranging from beginners to advanced developers.

Christina Giaquinto, Modular Closets

There are a lot of web development courses that can be challenging to find as there are too many things to consider. Whether you’re just a beginner or a professional, there are underrated courses online that can help you become more successful as a developer. 

Here are the best courses that are suitable for students who want to learn front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Front-End Development Courses

For the design and aesthetics of the website, first-time learners must take the basic fundamentals of web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With these three languages, aspiring designers can implement responsive and beautiful layouts. Udemy, Study Web Development, and Ultimate Courses offer the best bootcamps online, such as;

Back-End Development Courses

For those who are interested in creating functionalities, beginners must start with PHP, Java, React, and SQL. If you want to challenge yourself with these programming languages, try;

These courses can help you learn these technical skills as long as you’re willing to give results, as these are intended to help you give value when entering the corporate world.

Full-Stack Development Courses

And for those who want to be a generalist and explore both front-end and back-end development;

These courses can offer training with industry knowledge to better equip you on the job. These courses can help you become flexible and adaptable to changes which is a must skill if you aspire to be a full-stack web developer. Patrick Garde, Technical Director and Co-Founder of ExaWeb Corporation

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