When to Change eCommerce Platforms: A Guide

June 12, 2024  /  
When to Change eCommerce Platforms: A Guide

As your business enjoys success, it’s also time to think about the new things you have to embrace as you are maturing. For instance, it might be time to migrate from one eCommerce system provider to another. Admittedly, this can be stressful when you consider the risks, but it’s essential to think about these things.

When should you change eCommerce platforms? Here are the signs that it’s time to migrate to a new eCommerce platform:

  • The provided solutions are not of the best quality
  • There are software problems
  • There are limited development opportunities
  • The eCommerce platform is too expensive compared to the features they offer
  • The platform is unstable and unsafe
  • The cost of maintenance outweighs the performance
  • There is an inability to connect to third-party software and essential tools
  • You need a platform with more customizability

Because of these problems, you should opt to prepare a list of factors you should look for while changing platforms. Here are some of them:

  • The licenses and access codes of the current platform
  • The development plan of the platform, its modifications, and the quality
  • Their business continuity plan
  • Their system acquisition plan
  • Hosting issues
  • Speed of service even during traffic spikes

If you are ready to change eCommerce platforms, here are the steps to do so:

  1. Plan out the features that you want by the budget you have.
  2. Select the right eCommerce platform for your needs.
  3. Start the set-up, taking note of the site architecture, page URLs, and other details.
  4. Back up the data from your old site.
  5. Start the data migration.
  6. Set up all the added features you like.
  7. Customize the design to fit your tastes.
  8. Test everything before going live.

Choosing an eCommerce platform doesn’t mean it will be your final choice forever. Business needs change, so you can explore opportunities to change to a better one. 

If you want to establish a high-performing eCommerce site, read on to know the issues to address in building an eCommerce website.

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