What Is A Pingback On WordPress?

November 22, 2021  /  
What Is A Pingback On WordPress?

If you are a regular user or you have recently built a WordPress website, there is a high probability that you have encountered the term “pingbacks.” If you are a beginner on WordPress, however, you would not know what this is.

Pingback is a linkback method that web authors use to request notification when another person links to their documents. If you are the writer and you link to someone’s article on your website, the pingback will notify the author of what you did. In that case, if you are the author and somebody links to your blog, you will receive a notification saying so.

What Does A Pingback Refer To In WordPress

Pingback is a feature in WordPress that you can enable or disable in the default article settings on your dashboard. It allows you to notify other bloggers that you link to their blog on your website or the other way around. In addition, it helps authors track who is using their websites as a reference or other matters. 

How Pingback Works

To better understand what a pingback is, giving a specific example would help. Supposedly, blogger A wrote an article, and blogger B, on the other hand, is currently writing a blog and links it to the writing of blogger A. If both have pingbacks enabled, blogger A will receive a notification saying blogger B used their link. Blogger A can now decide whether to approve it or not.


Pingbacks are essential, especially for authors who want to keep track of their articles. As an author, you do not wish to get your article linked in random blogs; pingbacks would notify you if you want to approve merging your article or not. For writers who wish to link to other articles, pingbacks are also crucial as it asks permission from the original author.

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