Namecheap: How To Start Building My Website

December 20, 2023  /  
Namecheap: How To Start Building My Website

Having your own website is extremely beneficial for spreading brand awareness and promoting your own products and services. While you can use social media platforms, having your own website will provide you with more leeway and longevity.

One of the website builders you can check out is Namecheap. Namecheap is a domain registration provider and a web host that comes with affordable pricing plans.

Here are the steps to prepare if you want to start building a website with Namecheap.

1. Choose Your Domain Name

The domain name is what your website will be called—a web address. This is what comes after www. and before .com. Domain names enable people to find your website. If you have a business, registering a great domain name will match your business or brand name so people can easily find it. For personal sites and blogs though, you can have a bit more fun with it. 

Domain pricing and registration at Namecheap starts at $8.88 per year for websites that end with .com, and $10.98 per year for those that end with .net. 

2. Sign Up For A Hosting Plan

Your domain name acts as your street address and the web hosting acts as your house. Namecheap’s web hosting happens on a remote hard drive called a server connected to the internet, which stores all your information and data. The server holds everything important, so you must have a trustworthy provider that can ensure its safety.

3. Use The Website Builder

Namecheap has a new website builder meant to help you create a website hassle-free. You do not need to learn codes or install special software, so it’s a great choice if you have little to no experience in website building. 

NameCheap utilizes a cPanel tool that allows you to build through a drag-and-drop editor. Choose among the beautiful templates and tweak as you see fit. Plus, you enjoy an SEO checker to go through your site’s content.

Final Thoughts

Having websites is pretty much a must nowadays. You can hire someone to build it for you or you can try through Namecheap’s website builder and do it yourself.
If you’re curious about other ways to build a website, check out this list of the best website builders from Page Kits today!

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