Is SEMrush Free?

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Is SEMrush Free?

SEMrush is a search engine optimization tool that can impact your website's visibility in search results (and, by extension, your revenue) when used correctly. Although SEMrush is expensive compared to many other business apps, investing in it can be daunting - especially for startups without large budgets.

SEMrush is currently ranked among the top 100 software products in the world. The software is subscription-based, but you can try out many of its features by simply creating a free account. You should pick the right plan for your project if you choose SEMrush as your SEO solution.

Free Plans

With SEMrush, you get so much free data and tools that you'd never even have to pay a penny. All it requires is just a few minutes of your time. The following types of free accounts are available:

Simple Sign-up Account

This account provides you limited access to several SEMrush tools and features without any time restrictions. You can enjoy your free account as long as you like without providing your credit card information or ever being charged. Signing up for a free account is perfect for:

  • Those who are unfamiliar with SEMrush and want to understand some of its core features
  • Individuals or small businesses with occasional or limited marketing requirements
  • Students and researchers with limited or temporary research scopes

Free Trial Account

SEMrush offers a free seven-day trial account so that you can experience all the benefits of its marketing tools. You can try the Pro and Guru account for free for seven days. This means you will have access to all the features paid users have access to. 

If you want to sign up for a free trial, you must provide your credit card information. You can cancel your subscription before your free trial expires. After the 7-day trial has expired, you will automatically be transferred to the paid plan. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Regardless of the size of the business, the company is looking to boost its marketing efforts.
  • Marketers and departments looking to switch to SEMrush from another platform
  • For marketing agencies and consultants seeking a flexible client portfolio solution
  • Those who have already subscribed to SEMrush but are contemplating upgrading

You can build and manage all your digital marketing needs from one platform, no matter your needs. 

Whether it is SEO, PPC, social media, or business development, SEMrush has you covered. More than 50 tools are available to help you with this, including data for more than 140 countries. However, they also know great things often start small. A paid plan may not be feasible because you lack the budget, knowledge, or resources. Marketers can perform at the top of their game with the help of SEMrush. SEMrush offers a free trial account for anyone. This is also why some of the tools on their site are completely free for you to use. Your free account lets you do the following:

  • Perform Keyword research
  • Perform a competitor analysis
  • Track keyword rankings
  • Run a technical site audit
  • Audit your local listings 
  • Manage your social accounts

SEMrush Pricing Options

There are four SEMrush plans available:

  • Pro: $119.95 per month
  • Guru: $229.95 per month
  • Business: $449.95 per month
  • Custom: negotiable

You get a 16.7% discount on each plan if you pay annually; a free trial lets you use most features before subscribing. 

SEMrush Pro

SEMrush's entry-level plan is the 'Pro' plan. It costs $119.95 per month and provides the following features:

  • Domain analytics — You can determine how authoritative your domain (or a competitor's domain) is by looking at how many links point to your website.
  • Keyword research tools — These tools help you see how many people search for a particular keyword, if it'll be hard to rank for it, and which alternative phrases (keyword suggestions) might be worth investing time in.
  • Site auditing tools — These tools help you determine which technology changes to make to your website to improve its search engine ranking.
  • An on-page SEO checker — With this tool, you get feedback on your content and ideas for improvement. There are several suggestions, ranging from improving the readability of your text to adjusting the length of your pages.

It's important to note that SEMrush Pro - and all other SEMrush plans under discussion here - comes with various limitations to how and when you can access all this data (and how often).

Is SEMrush Pro Right For Me?

The SEMrush Pro Plan is best suited to users who:

  • Are just getting started with SEO for their new business.
  • Need tools for searching the web for keywords and analyzing domains.
  • Don't have a lot of money.
  • Do not intend to track thousands of keywords at the same time.
  • Are not managing multiple SEO projects at the same time.

SEMrush Guru — $229.95 Per Month

You will find the Guru plan on the next level, which costs $229.95 per month. This plan differs from the 'Pro' plan mainly because of the 'Content Marketing Platform.' SEMrush Guru is a suite of tools aimed at helping you create engaging content.

Here are some things you can do with them:

  • Topics that are likely to rank well in search results are the best to write about
  • Organize campaigns for content creation (with the help of a task management system)
  • Make sure the content you're working on has SEO potential
  • Analyze your content's effectiveness over time
  • Make sure your content is not being plagiarized

Whereas you can generate keyword ideas with the 'Pro' plan (through keyword research primarily), the 'Guru' plan gives you significantly more options and ways to manage your content creation efforts better. It also unlocks historical data, making this plan different from 'Pro.'

Is SEMrush Guru Right For Me?

SEMrush Guru is an excellent plan for those who:

  • In need of a tool that helps you generate content and develop strategies
  • Manage SEO for more than one website simultaneously
  • Want to access historical data from a website
  • Want to use Google Data Studio to analyze data outside of SEMrush

SEMrush Business — $449.95 per month

You may be able to use Google's SEMrush Guru plan to manage SEO for a few clients, but if you are managing SEO for many websites, you are best off going for the SEMrush Business plan, which allows you to work on 40 projects at a time.

SEMrush business costs $449.95 per month, which is not a small amount of money to spend. The key features, in addition to those in the other two plans, include:

SEMrush PLA (Product Listing Ads) research — You can analyze how well an advertiser's Google Shopping ad campaigns perform. A company that needs to gather competitive intelligence on e-commerce rivals can take advantage of this feature.

API access — Having access to most of SEMrush's API (application programming interfaces) allows you to incorporate SEMrush into your applications, dashboards, and widgets; or see SEMrush data through your custom interface.

The Share of Voice metric — This ratio tells you what percentage of traffic you have received compared to the total volume of your tracked keywords.

Is SEMrush Business Right For Me?

SEMrush Business is recommended for users who:

  • Manage SEO simultaneously for many websites or clients (SEO agencies, etc.).
  • Run hundreds of queries daily and dozens of reports
  • Need advanced or custom API access that SEMrush can provide.

SEMrush custom plans

We have explored SEMrush pricing by looking at ‘off the shelf’ plans. If your business — and your budget — fits the bill, you may be able to devise a more bespoke plan via the appropriately-named 'Custom plan' option.

SEMrush will need to discuss your needs with you, how many users you would like to add, etc., and negotiate a fee (which will be substantial). On the other hand, if you opt for this route, you will be able to benefit from premium support, account management, training, and BETA features.

There are some plan differences between this one and the others - custom versions of SEMrush are more expensive, but they provide much more value than the basic versions.


SEMrush offers many SEO features at a great price, especially if only one user needs access to the account. The costs involved with adding multiple 'seats' are not insignificant if you plan to have many users working on the tool at one time.

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