How Much Storage Should You Set Up With When Building a Website?

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How Much Storage Should You Set Up With When Building a Website?

For web owners with a profitable business plan, starting a website can result in additional cash streams. However, certain costs must be considered in the day-to-day operation of a site, such as storage space. An average page is 2MB in size, but site owners must also consider advertisements, graphics, videos, and images, all of which can add up and consume additional space. 

So, how much storage should you set up with when building a website? The existing policy is that web pages for small and medium-sized businesses should be kept to a maximum of 2MB. This is because any data above this threshold consumes additional bandwidth. 

Why Do You Need To Consider Web Storage?

You should consider how much web storage your site needs, as a site that is heavily loaded with content will cost you more money to manage. This must be factored into the business plan, as any such expenses should also be balanced by the revenue generated by the site. Additionally, utilizing a higher disk space may impair the site's functionality. This is another critical consideration, as there is no purpose in including media if it clogs up the rest of the site.

Different Types Of Storage Requirements For Sites

You can determine how much storage you use by calculating an average page load time, calculating the number of pages on the site, and multiplying it by the average monthly visitor count.

Blogs and personal websites often do not require much web hosting storage due to their low resource requirements. They are frequently packed with text and supplemented by images and video. On the other hand, websites that stream videos, such as YouTube and Twitch, have a high resource requirement. 

Most websites do not require more than 1GB of storage space, with blog sites typically requiring approximately 700-800MB. In comparison, YouTube is constantly expanding its storage capacity. This equates to around 21.0 terabytes each day. 

Now that you know how much storage you should set up when building a website, you should check the other requirements you need to meet. Check out Page Kits’ article covering the requirements you need for building a website.

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