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How Much Does Wix Charge To Build A Website

Through the decades, the Internet has grown to become one of our essentials. In fact, try imagining a world without the Internet—it's almost inconceivable, right? As of 2021, there are 4.66 billion global Internet users, which is more than half of the world’s population.  

The Internet is now the life force of most industries, from research and education to social media and entertainment, and most recently, even businesses. Given the rapidly-growing number of internet users, it is no surprise how important having an online presence is. 

If you wish to take your business to the next level. It is most convenient and time-effective to have your own website, and the earlier you get it up, the better. However, creating a website from scratch is no easy task. 

It might be daunting as it requires a lot of time and effort. Also, not everyone is familiar with how websites work. Not to mention, the web jargon used in website building could make your head spin. So, knowledge is key when it comes to creating a great website.

Read on to learn more about what goes into website building and how much Wix charges to build your website. 

Website Building 101: Primary Elements Of A Website

Like everything, from making sandwiches to building a website, there isn’t a single best way to go about it—which is all the more frightening for first-time website builders. It might ease your anxiety if you know the main features that are present across all websites.

Domain Name

The domain name is simply your virtual address on the web. Similar to how your home address works, your domain tells your customers where to find you online. A great domain name would make your website easily recognizable and draw in more traffic. It also helps provide a sense of identity to your brand and solidify your products or services as trustworthy and legitimate. 

Website Design And Interface

Upon looking up your domain name, this is what customers would see first. It is arguably the most essential part of website building as it contains your site’s visual content. Think of this as your virtual building where customers can interact with your business. 

When customers first come to your website, its design and interface could leave a lasting impression on them. A successful design would make your website stand out while a smooth interface would allow your customers to fluidly navigate your website. Combine the two and you get an all-around positive customer experience. 


Hosting is the allocated space on a server where your website resides. This is where your virtual building sits, and without it, your website won’t have a place to exist. 

Hosting enables your website to go live online. The server, which is connected to the Internet, stores information on your site so that your customers would be able to see it.   

Prices for hosting, domain names, and web design and interface will vary depending on the kind of website you need. Wix is a popular choice for its price plan. Read through our resources to if you’re planning to build your website from scratch.

What To Know About Building A Wix Website

Wixblog has provided a breakdown of costs based on the common types of websites. Check out the table below to quickly determine the costs if you build a website on Wix yourself. 

Types of WebsiteUsing a Website BuilderWeb HostingCustomize Domain & Advanced Features (per month)Hiring a Web Designer
OtherFreeFreeAvg.$23.00Avg. $300

Ultimately, allows you to create your website and go live online without having to spend a single penny. A website builder, such as Wix, is a great platform to simplify the web-building process, especially for beginners. Wix already provides you with templates and user-friendly tools that you can use to create and publish your website for free! 

However, if you want to take your website up a notch, then you have to be aware of the additional costs. The monthly charge would vary depending on the type of website and the additional features you want to include in your website.  

While creating a free website with Wix tools, additional features such as extra storage, a bookings app, or a payments app would generally cost you a few bucks. Other features to enhance the user experience such as SEO tools and other analytics tools also add to the expenses list.   

To better understand how much does Wix charge to build a website, check out this Page Kits blog today!

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