How Long Does a Domain Transfer Take: GoDaddy Guide

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How Long Does a Domain Transfer Take GoDaddy Guide

Transferring your domain registration to or from the GoDaddy server typically takes five to seven business days. For a more precise time frame, check your transfer status. Sign in to your account, go to the Transfers Page, then check your status in the Transfers In or Transfers Out page. Domain transfer statuses include completed, locked, and transfer denied, among others.

Different GoDaddy Domain Transfer Statuses Explained 

The common GoDaddy domain transfer statuses that you’ll see include:

  • 60-day lock: ICANN prevents transfers 60 days from a registration update.
  • Canceled: A “canceled” status will appear if you choose to terminate the transfer.
  • Complete: Congratulations! A complete status indicates a successful transfer.
  • Domain locked: You have to unlock your domain before switching registrars.
  • Expired: Failing to comply with the requirements will cause your transfer request to expire.
  • In progress: An “in progress” status indicates that the transfer is still undergoing review.
  • Invalid auth code: Input the correct authentication code provided by the GoDaddy team.
  • Missing auth code: Request an authentication code from your current registrar.
  • Registrant eligibility unverified: Cooperate with the GoDaddy team because your domain transfer might need additional paperwork. 
  • Registry lock: Ask your current registrar to lift the lock on your domain.
  • Transfer denied: Contact your current registrar and ask why they rejected your transfer request.

Check your domain transfer status routinely to ensure that the process rolls out smoothly. Submit all the requirements and cooperate with GoDaddy. Statuses have straightforward instructions, so you shouldn’t experience too much trouble resolving most issues.

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