10 Successful Ecommerce Marketing Techniques to Try in 2022

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9 Successful Ecommerce Marketing Techniques to Try in 2022

Every single online store has the same goal: boost traffic and sales. However, even once you have developed a fundamental strategy, it may still be challenging to choose which specific marketing strategies you should put into action.

Because of this, we have compiled an overview of successful marketing strategies and eCommerce solutions,along with suggestions that might assist you in putting each plan into action. The concepts themselves cover a wide range, from easy customer acquisition to the generation of a greater number of repurchases from the clientele you already have.

Make it a goal for the next three weeks to put into practice one of these suggestions each day. Your final day of the sprint is the perfect time to reflect on your progress and analyse which promotional activities brought in the most revenue.

What Exactly Is Meant By "Ecommerce Marketing"?

Marketing in the context of electronic commerce consists of activities aimed at increasing site visitors, transforming them into buyers, and keeping them as customers once they have made a purchase.

A comprehensive approach to promoting your e-commerce business should include marketing methods that take place both on and off of your website. Building recognition of your brand, cultivating consumer loyalty, and ultimately expanding your online sales are all possible with the assistance of a solid marketing strategy.

You may increase sales of individual products or the business in general by using eCommerce marketing tools to advertise your online store. You can also use these solutions to promote your business in general. The following is an outline of some useful ideas to put into practice.

Plan out your marketing approach for TikTok.

Every e-commerce operator ought to incorporate using TikTok for business purposes into their overall marketing strategy. 

Businesses that create authentic content on TikTok see the most success there. Videos that are more unfiltered and genuine often receive more attention and engagement than videos that have been heavily manipulated, like the kind of content that can be seen on Instagram. When it comes to developing deeper connections with an audience, this is what distinguishes TikTok as a stand-alone platform. TikTok also offers a few perks that set it apart from other platforms, including the following:

  • The algorithm that TikTok uses gives precedence to material from creators that you have not seen before.
  • The user interface of TikTok is built to keep users within the app for a longer period of time than Instagram or Facebook do.
  • No matter how many followers you have, the discovery engine on TikTok can help make your videos become viral.

The content that users view on TikTok is inspiring consumers to make purchases. Research conducted by Adweek found that more than fifty-one percent (51%) of people who use TikTok make purchases from brands that they see on the app. TikTok also has a section dedicated to every subculture, city, and sexual orientation, including wellness, goth, NYC, and homosexual TikTok. In addition to this, the platform supports Livestream shopping and advertising, both of which can assist advertise your goods.

Run PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising (also known as PPC advertising) is the predominant form of online advertising model used by companies of all sizes. It is easy to grow, it is supported by data, and it provides a satisfactory return on investment. Online ad space on websites, social media platforms, and search engines are common targets for pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements. 

These advertisements are effective for eCommerce firms because they are directed toward shoppers who are prepared to make a purchase, and they have the potential to result in larger sales than organic marketing.

Facebook and Google are the two most popular websites for running pay-per-click (PPC) adverts. Ecommerce businesses often find success with Google Shopping ads. You've probably seen these advertisements before. If you do a search on Google for something like "men's boots," you will get an advertisement that provides extensive information on a variety of products that are related to your search.

Advertisements on Facebook, on the other hand, can be seen on both Facebook and Instagram. When promoting your products, you can also direct your efforts toward particular personas and make use of a number of different ad styles.

The ability to more precisely target campaigns is one of the primary advantages of using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You have complete control over who will see your advertisements as well as the format of those advertisements. You may also encourage visitors who have previously shopped on your website to do so again by displaying retargeting advertisements to them after they have visited certain landing pages or adverts in the past.

In the event that you own shoe business and you have recently received a new line of boots, you are able to generate advertisements for those new boots. Perhaps the boots are made of rubber and have a resistance to water. You are able to generate a collection of advertisements that focus on specific phrases such as "best rain boots." This indicates that people who are interested in purchasing the product or service that you are advertising are seeing your advertisements.

Incorporate Instagram

Instagram is one of the social apps that is expanding at the quickest rate currently available. It connects consumers, marketers, and brands and has more than 500 million daily active users.

If you take photographs that are appealing, make smart use of hashtags, and publish at the appropriate times, then you will be well on your way to creating a significant following on Instagram that is comprised of individuals who are interested in your items. Interacting with your followers is essential to mastering the organic presence you want to cultivate on Instagram.

How can you better interact with your intended Instagram followers? 

To demonstrate how your product is made, you may hold contests or take viewers behind the scenes of the manufacturing process. You can also use paid services to participate in activities on Instagram. When it comes to e-commerce promotion, including products in your Instagram posts, Videos, and Reels provides your followers with a clear route to purchase, which is essential for raising the number of sales you make online.

Reduce the number of abandoned carts.

The harsh reality is that you are losing money each time a visitor leaves items in their shopping cart without making a purchase.

This phenomenon has been researched extensively. Website visitors will put things in their shopping carts, but they will not complete the purchase once they get to the checkout page. The Baymard Institute reports that 69.82% of shopping carts are left unattended at some point.

It is important to immediately address as many hesitancies as possible because some customers who did not complete their purchases could have been prompted to finish shopping if they had been given a gentle nudge. An incentive like free shipping or a price cut might have been enough to convince them.

An email recovery campaign is a straightforward and efficient strategy for e-commerce marketing that can help reduce the number of times customers abandon their shopping carts. This type of campaign can persuade customers to come back to your website and finish the transaction they started.

Live chat should be used to interact with customers that shop online.

Email isn't the only way to communicate with site visitors and clients; there are plenty of other high-impact methods as well. You may, for instance, use live chat to have a conversation with customers who are browsing your website.

There are a number of live chat systems that allow you to target browsers on specific pages, after they have been on your site for a predetermined amount of time, or even after they have arrived on your site via an email newsletter. Live chat gives you the opportunity to have direct interactions with your consumers, allowing you to answer their questions and solve their concerns just when they are deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

SMS Marketing

How Sms Marketing Can Help Your E-commerce Business? Today's largest marketing difficulty is reaching your target demographic. 46% of respondents claim they spend 5-6 hours a day on their mobile devices. Businesses must invest in mobile marketing. SMS messages make that easier because they're designed for mobile screens.

SMS lets you communicate with shoppers how they prefer. People like to be informed and feel valued by brands. When your business texts customers about deals, events, and other news, they feel cared for and included.

Anticipate future sales

If you have the capability of expanding your product line, you should first determine the level of demand in the market and then determine whether or not the investment would be worthwhile. You can accomplish this goal by any one of a number of methods, including targeted keywords, geographic verification, social media trend analysis, etc. Is there any other inventive approach you may take to investigate your market? Examine the number of orders received once things have been pre-sold.

For example, if you are attempting to select which of three soon-to-be-released products you want to offer, you should develop pages for each of the products, making sure to use high-quality product photographs and appealing writing for each page. After that, you should label them as "out of stock" and monitor which product receives the most interest in terms of requests for notifications when it is restocked. That should be the one you try to sell.

Especially in the realms of footwear and textiles, there are occasions when particular sizes or colour combinations are momentarily unavailable for purchase. Customers who make purchases from Balenciaga, a company that specialises in the sale of high-end goods, are given the opportunity to be notified via email if the item of their choice becomes available again.

Utilise the content that was created by users.

User-generated material, also known as UGC, is an excellent tool for accumulating social proof. When potential buyers realise that people who are similar to them are purchasing your items on a regular basis, it will give them more confidence to purchase those products themselves. Before making a purchase, nearly nine out of ten buyers throughout the world (89%) take the time to read reviews written by other customers.

The UGC might appear in a variety of formats. Even reviews on products fall under the umbrella of user-generated content. Pictures of actual customers making use of your products are among the most powerful forms of user-generated content (UGC).

Enhance the quality of your product pages.

The process of improving a website to enhance the number of sales and conversions that occur on that website is referred to as conversion rate optimization, or CRO. Practising CRO enables you to spot issue areas on your page.

Where are you seeing the greatest drop in sales? Who is leaving, and why are they leaving? What are some of the steps you can take to make up for those lost chances? This procedure involves conducting qualitative and quantitative research to provide you with an all-encompassing and objective picture of how conversion-focused your website actually is.

After you have completed your research to determine the obstacles and opportunities, you will be able to formulate hypotheses and run testing to see which strategies result in the highest number of sales.

Acknowledge and appreciate long-standing patronage.

It is possible to expand online sales in a cost-efficient manner by concentrating on retaining existing customers. According to Stitch Labs, return customers only make up 11% of a retailer's total customer base, yet they are responsible for 22% of the revenue generated by the business. In addition to that, their annual spending goes up by 15% overall.

A customer loyalty programme is one approach to recognise and thank repeat customers as well as those who make large purchases. There are a variety of ways in which both you and your customers can profit from participating in a loyalty programme. Automated reminders also help customers remember your brand, which increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase or recommend it to others.

You decide how to reward clients, how often you do it, and for what acts they should be rewarded. An example is a loyalty programme where members earn points that may be redeemed for benefits like lower prices, faster shipping, and freebies.

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