Why Do You Have to Wait 60 Days to Transfer a Domain?

November 5, 2021  /  
Why Do You Have to Wait 60 Days to Transfer a Domain?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires all website admins to follow a stringent 60-Day Change of Registrant Lock. This guideline prohibits abrupt domain transfers after a registration information update. 

ICANN primarily enforces the 60-Day Change of Registrant Lock to prevent cybercriminals from hijacking domains. This waiting period allows site admins to take action against hijackers right away. Restoring a hijacked registration would prove significantly more challenging once the criminal has transferred the domain to a new registrar.

How the 60-Day Change of Registrant Lock Prevents Domain Hijacks

Recovering a hijacked domain is challenging, but restoration after transferring the registration is a different task altogether. Even the ICANN cannot quickly detect stolen domains hidden under a third-party registrar. In the worst case, the domain might not even be recoverable anymore, especially if the new domain registrar comes from a different country.

iF you suspect that you no longer have control over your domain, contact the ICANN right away. Remember: you only have a 60-day leeway. You cannot hold the ICANN responsible if you overlook blatant signs of domain hijacking during the waiting period.

While the 60-Day Change of Registrant Lock minimizes the risk of hijacked domains, it does not address all cybersecurity threats. Bolster your security as well. Hide your identity with Whois privacy, secure all transactions through your payment gateway, and frequently update your client Personal Identifiable Information (PII) storage database

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