When Building Your Own Website Does The OS Even Matter?

December 27, 2023  /  
When Building Your Own Website Does The OS Even Matter

In crafting a high-quality website, you need to have the right tools to match. If you are a web designer or a web developer who works from scratch, you have to have the right hardware that can handle the memory, power, and speed that you need.

One of the places to start is with your operating system (OS). It is important that you pick out the OS that’s right for you, as each comes with its own distinct features, plus advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the different types of operating systems and what choosing them would mean for your website development activities.

1. Windows

Microsoft’s Windows system is the most popular OS used in the world. And in terms of design and development, Windows has a lot of available tools and programs that are not available in other operating systems. Overall, it is reliable and sturdy—able to manage the requirements for building websites.

2. Mac OS X

The Mac OS X is Apple’s operating system. It’s powerful, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly—making it a go-to choice for web designers and developers. However, in comparison to Windows, the Mac OS X is accessible only for those with some extra funds to spare.

The best things about this OS are the built-in terminals, virtualization software, and other tools. If there’s a con, it’s the Apple exclusivity that limits the available tools and programs you may utilize.

3. Linux

Linux can be a challenging OS—most people agree that it’s the most difficult one to choose. It requires a lot of commands, plus installing apps can be hard to do. However, despite the learning curve, it is one of the most powerful systems you can use today.

4. Chrome OS

If you are looking for something simple and straightforward, Chrome OS is a solution created by Google for those in need of a user-friendly operating system. However, if you want to start web development, Chrome OS requires work to be done through browser-run web apps.

Aside from the OS, there are things you should consider before you start building your website. Learn more from Page Kits by checking out this website builder guide.

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