What Is Bandwidth And Storage For When Building A Website

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What Is Bandwidth And Storage For When Building A Website

Bandwidth refers to the data rate supported by the network connection or interface that connects to it. It represents both volume and time, along with how much information can be transmitted between two points within a set period of time. Data coming into this kind of system is known as ingress traffic, while data leaving is called egress traffic; these are typically expressed in terms of bits per second (bps) or bytes per second(Bps).

On the other hand, storage space is the total amount of storage on a server where you can store your files, especially those used to create and maintain a website. These files can be anything from HTML pages, images, scripts for building websites, or emails — it all depends on what kind of site you plan to have.

How Much Bandwidth And Storage Space Is Sufficient For Your Website? 

The bandwidth and storage requirements for each website will vary depending on its type. To estimate the bandwidth and storage space, you need to know the type of website. The following categories are the most common. Let’s take a look at them:

Multimedia Sites

Multimedia sites require large bandwidth and storage due to the number of media types it needs. One of the most creative ways to keep your site up and running is by taking advantage of video streaming services such as YouTube and simply embed the video.

eCommerce Sites

An eCommerce site is a website that sells products or services online. If you have an eCommerce site, then it's important to make sure the hosting company has enough resources for your needs now and in the future so as not to incur complications with switching hosts if necessary when things start getting too large. These sites do not require much bandwidth and storage space.

Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing sites are a great way to make some extra cash. These websites contain just two or three pages, so the storage space requirement is low. Also, the site only diverts customers to the main site, so the bandwidth requirement is also very low as well!

Corporate Websites

A corporate website is the head office of the company, and it contains an about page, contact page, and home page. The site acts as an online brochure for your business! The storage space and bandwidth for this site depends on how much media you have, but it’s best to overestimate in order to ensure fast loading speeds. 

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