What Free Online Process Automation Tool Should You Be Using?

September 27, 2023  /  
what free online process automation tool should you be using

You’ve probably heard of the saying that time is money. That remains true to this day, especially for businesses. With that in mind, modern technology has developed far enough to allow businesses of all sorts to automate their processes.

The best part? A lot of them are free. These Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools allow users to automate the areas of their businesses where the human eye is not necessary to progress.

Of course, the best way to learn how to choose is to understand the software. Researching through online guides, comparisons and articles allow users to get a clearer picture after all. 

Top 5 Free Online RPAs

To get you started, let’s take a quick look at what’s available for you.

  1. UiPath

The advantage of UiPath is the fact that they put so much effort into developing the AI behind the automation tool. This enables the software to efficiently produce the results that you need.

The end result is a more productive and efficient workplace. 

  1. Blue Prism

Active in over 170 countries, Blue Prism has transformed the workplaces of their clients. Considering how this platform is free, it’s amazing that they’ve helped both established businesses as well as startups. 

  1. WinAutomation

This Windows-based platform has easily become one of the go-to automation software available online. It’s easy to understand why when you think about how Windows still remains to be the most common Operating System out there. 

A good bonus is that they offer instructional materials through their learning portal to allow users to make the most out of their platform. 

  1. Another Monday 

Another Monday is the mother of AM Muse, a tool that allows Another Monday to offer their automatic process analysis. The results of that analysis are then plugged into AM Composer for the application of data. 

Note that this platform functions more as a suite, filled with different programs focused on different tasks. 

  1. Linx

Linx exemplifies what rapid development and deployment should look like when it comes to task and process automation. It requires no coding skills to get started and offers an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for its users. 

We hope this information proves to be useful when it comes to managing your business. For more software and tool recommendations, check out the rest of PageKits’ site today!

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