How To Switch eCommerce Platforms: A Guide

November 13, 2021  /  
How To Switch eCommerce Platforms: A Guide

The world of eCommerce is very dynamic. To keep your business ready for growth, you must be able to adapt to these changes — including the possibility of having to change your eCommerce platform.

If you want to start eCommerce migration from one platform to another, there are steps that you have to follow. Here are some of the major ones you shouldn’t miss out on:

  1. Plan how your new eCommerce platform should look
  2. Choose the best eCommerce platform
  3. Begin the new setup
  4. Start making backups and proceed with data migration
  5. Customize the design
  6. Test if everything is working

Guide On Switching eCommerce Platforms

1. Plan How Your New eCommerce Platform Should Look

Write down all the features you want to have and how you wish your new eCommerce website will look in terms of web design. 

Keep in mind how much you have to spend on this change and consider the features you may need, like product search filters, mobile optimization, shipping, marketing campaigns, and internationalization of currency, language, and taxes.

2. Choose The Best eCommerce Platform

Once you’re done planning, use the features you’ve written down when picking out the best eCommerce platform for your needs. Then, consider picking among the best eCommerce providers such as:

3. Begin The New Setup

When it’s time to set up, make sure you include site architecture, URLs, pages, products, and categories.

4. Start Making Backups And Proceed With Data Migration

Make sure that you back up all the data in case something goes wrong in the data migration. And then, migrate the product data, customer data, media, blog posts, static pages, and past order records.

5. Customize The Design

Keep in mind that your site should look unique to attract more audiences. Customize the appearance and tweak the theme as you see fit. You can do this on your own, but you can also hire professionals to do the website design.

6. Test If Everything Is Working

After you’ve completed the site’s setup, make sure you do thorough testing by checking every word, button, and link until you’re satisfied with the results.

After testing, your eCommerce website can go live. Then, it’s time to promote it and find strategies to bring in clicks and convert them to customers.

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