How Much Is Domain Renewal At Hostgator?

November 18, 2021  /  
How Much Is Domain Renewal At Hostgator?

Once you register your domain name, you will eventually go through the renewal process. It is important to be on top of your renewal schedule so you can avoid having your site go offline or, worse, having your domain stolen.

If you are renewing your domain with Hostgator, the average cost can amount to $0.95 to $39.95 per year. However, they can be affected based on the extensions. To help you, here’s a quick look at the different top-level domain extensions and their average cost for renewal.

  • .biz - $17.99
  • .club - $15 
  • .co - $35
  • .com - $18.99 
  • .host - $45
  • .info - $17.99
  • .me - $19.95
  • .net - $17.99
  • .online - $15
  • .org - $17.99
  • .site - $15
  • .space - $15
  • .store - $35
  • .tech - $30
  • .us - $17.99
  • .webs

Take note that when it comes to the cost of domain renewal on Hostgator, various factors can affect how much you’ll have to pay. For instance, the domain registrar you pick, the length of time you want to renew, and the domain extension you choose can all affect the total price.

However, domain renewal will not be as expensive as the yearly cost you will pay for the domain unless you pick a plan for as long as a few years.

For best results, make sure you set the domain renewal to an Auto Renew program. This way, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that your domain will expire. In Hostgator, all you have to do is go to the Customer Portal to set everything up.

Now that you know how to handle domain renewal with Hostgator, the only thing that’s left is to do it for yourself. Learn more about the domain renewal process by reading this guide from Page Kits.

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