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Write for Us: Guest Post Opportunities for Web Designing

Our mission at Page Kits is to make quality information about website building accessible to all readers. To that end, we’re always on the lookout for content that fits our niche. We’ve built our brand around articles that audiences actually want to read—so if you think there’s a topic that we’re missing out on, we’d love to have you write about it. 

The Page Kits reader is the average business owner looking to set up a successful and secure online website. As such, the topics we typically cover include e-commerce, cybersecurity, web design, and content marketing. 

If you’re interested in writing for us, keep in mind the following guidelines below to make sure that you’re the right fit. As always, please be sure to submit original content only

General Writing Guidelines

Here are some editorial rules that will help us see whether your writing style fits with our blog: 

  • When referencing information, make sure it comes from a trusted source 
  • Stay consistent when it comes to spelling and capitalization 
  • Make your article reader-friendly by breaking it up with subheadings, bullet points, and the like 
  • Follow the rule of parallelism when writing a bulleted list
  • Introduce a person or organization first before talking about them 
  • Add an image or two to break up your text—and remember to add credits whenever possible 
  • Place your main keyword in the title and introduction where possible 

How To Find Us

Web Design + “guest blog”Web Design + “contributor guidelines”
Web Design + “guest blogger”Web Design  + “write for us”
Web Design + “guest column”Web Design  + “write for me”
Web Design + “guest article”Web Design  + “become a contributor”
Web Design + “guest posts wanted”Web Design  + “contribute to this site”
Web Design + “guest post opportunities”Web Design  + “guest poster wanted”
Web Design + “become a guest blogger”Web Design  + “looking for guest posts”
Web Design + “contributing writer”Web Design + “become an author”

We’re Looking Forward to Hearing From You  

We hope this quick guide was useful for you. If you have any other questions about writing for us or are ready to submit your article, reach out to us at [email protected]

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