Building a Website on Squarespace: How Tags and Categories Work

April 3, 2024  /  
Building a Website on Squarespace: How Tags and Categories Work

If you’re an eCommerce seller using a Squarespace platform, putting product categories and tags aside might be something you’re guilty of doing. However, it’s time to say goodbye to those behaviors because categories and tags can do wonders for your website.

In this post, you’ll see the difference between tags and categories and how you should incorporate them into your Squarespace site.

What are Categories And What are Tags?

In general, categories are ways to organize your content, whether by subject or by type. On the other hand, tags describe the products placed into each category. A product usually belongs to one category, yet it can fall under various tags.

For instance, categories might be Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s for clothing. Then, the tags can be Brand, Material, and Color.

How Can You Use Categories and Tags?

Here are the ways categories and tags can benefit your eCommerce website.

Categories And Tags Are Great For SEO

Categories and tags are treated as metadata and they can be picked up by search engines like Google to help understand what your website is all about.

Categories And Tags Can Add Easy Navigation To Your Site

In Squarespace, categories are automatically added to navigation menus, which can be harmful if you don’t do it right. This is why you should think about which categories really matter to your site, so you must pay attention to things very well.

Categories And Tags Can Influence What Products Are Displayed

Squarespace has a “Related Products” feature in their eCommerce settings and they can be more utilized when you use your categories well. Usually, products that share the same category and the same tag with the product highlighted will be recommended and you can upsell products in your own way.

Categories and Tags can elevate your eCommerce site’s features, so make sure you make the most of them by incorporating them into your site. If you want to improve your eCommerce site more, check out Page Kit’s top 5 dropshipping plugins you can use.

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